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Region of Waterloo EMS Medical Venturers & Rovers – Agreement for providing first aid services

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Today there is a strong need to prevent potential liability as well as maintain positive public relations.  Your event is unique, often with higher than normal liability risk exposure.  We can meet the needs of any special event from a few to thousands of attendees!   We are very flexible in meeting the exact needs of your event, and will work with you to evaluate your individual needs in order to provide you with professional, quality, cost effective, on-site care!

Our First Aid team comes fully equipped and self sufficient to provide first aid services in a variety of environments:

– We will staff your event with members qualified at various levels of First Aid certifications including: Standard, Wilderness, First Responder, Emergency Medical Responder (Or equivalent).
– We are fully capable of dealing with the smallest scrape to life threatening situations!
– We will evaluate the needs of your event and staff a first aid station in addition to placing First Aiders around your event where they might be needed
– We staff events from a few hours to multiple days

What you can expect from our group:

– The team will be onsite during the date(s) and time(s) we have agreed to, staffed with a first aid team to ensure we provide the best care possible to your participants
– We will arrive fully equipped with all First Aid supplies, equipment and when required shelters
– We will be fully visible and available to your participants at all times throughout your event
– We will make the final first aid decisions in the best interest of our patients, including a decision on the best means to transport the patient to the hospital when required

What we expect from the event organizers:

– An area to set up a first aid station (preferably close to a road for easy access by EMS)
– Provide our members with food if your event is over a meal time
– When applicable providing us one of your event radios allows us to communicate with you easily in the event of emergencies
– Assist our team in the event EMS is called to the event by meeting and guiding EMS to the patient
– If your event is more than 50KMs from Kitchener-Waterloo you may be asked to compensate for our gas expense
– provide us appropriate accommodation
– If you are not a Scouting organization we ask you for a donation to be put towards our program:
– As a Scouting organization we cannot specify the amount of this donation
– In the past we have seen donations of $600-$900 per day in exchange for our services
– To evaluate the amount of your donation consider elements such as:
– Size of the event, risk factor, demographics of attendees, and the value we bring to your event
– All donations are used towards the program for training, equipment and first aid supplies
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*All information submitted through this form is used for us to know more information about our event so we can decide if we can staff your event properly. All informtion submitted is shared to our advisor team only.