Membership Info

The Medical Venturer and Medical Rover program is structured to provide our members the opportunity to learn and grow.   As such there are four levels to the program, structured to ensure members have the requisite training and experience to offer the highest level of care in situations.

Program Structure


Membership Requirements – New Recruit

  • Completes and submits a Scouts Canada Registration form.
  • Pays Scouts Canada’s registration fee or provides proof of current membership in good standing
    with Scouts Canada.
  • Members over 18 years of age, must complete all training required as per Scouts Canada
    Volunteer screening policy (By their 18th birthday)
  • Commits to, and signs annually, this contract of Program Standards, Ethics, and Responsibilities.
    Receives an ID Card, Uniform and acquires the remainder pieces of uniform not provided by
  • Maintains a 1 inch Navy blue binder, to keep all documents handed out at meetings and lined
    paper in binder


Level I

Maintain all annual membership requirements.
Complete or maintain a Standard First Aid Certification or equivalent by a recognize provider.


Level II

Maintain all annual membership requirements.
Complete or maintain a Wilderness First Aid certification or Equivalent by a recognize provider.


Level III

Maintain all annual membership requirements.
Be in your 17th year.
Complete or maintain a First Responder by a recognized provider.


Level IV

Maintain all membership requirements.
Must be 18 years old or older.
Complete or maintain an Emergency Medical Responders course; OR hold a medical
professional certification as addressed by the group on an individual basis.


Alumni Members

Alumni members are welcome to come out and maintain their skills as long as they are
members in good standing of Scouts Canada, or are registered with 10th Waterloo Group
Committee as a resource person
Meet all appropriate training and screening requirements as per Scouts Canada’s Volunteer
Screening Policy.
Hold a current First Aid Certification.
Any Alumni member wishing to become an Advisor with the group is required to wait one year
from their Booting Ceremony; and/or have the approval of the youth and other Advisors, on a
case-by-case basis.


Annually to Maintain Your Level

Maintain all membership requirements.
Maintain a First Aid certification by a recognized provider.
Recertify CPR on an annual basis.
Maintain a First Aid kit and uniform; with all the appropriate group crests.
Meet with Advisors and/or Section Executive and complete review for advancement.



Courses are run independently of the Medical Venturer/Rover program and courses and fees
are set by outside providers.
On an annual basis in September the group hosts a mandatory training camp; at this camp, we
are able to bring all our members up to similar standards and often able to recertify members
in their CPR or other components as we have the opportunity to do so.
At our weekly meetings, we also do various training components; our weekly meetings are
scheduled as follows:
• 1st Meeting – Business Meeting
• 2nd & 3rd Meetings (also 4th if 5 Wednesdays) – Training Components
• Last Meeting – Scenario Meeting